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Giora has the ability to acquire and process information in an exceptional way. He took an active part in the information analysis and brainstorming, which is a  basis for making decisions on various business issues.

Personally, I’ve found that working with Giora was fascinating and very beneficial, especially Giora’s capability to lead multi-disciplinary discussions.

Ronen Berger, VP Business Development, PCC

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The “routes” are crowded with competitors and standstill periods void of sales, for no apparent reason. From our point of view it was not always clear why we weren’t making progress – it seemed the product was great and we had no reason to reach out for any help.

In retrospect, we discovered that the one thing we were missing was someone to point us in the right direction, caution us from obstacles and sometimes even ‘recalculate a new route to our destination’. And the someone was Giora Ketter.

The most important lesson is that the insights that Giora provides should be included right from initial kickoff.

Reuven, Senior Software Engineer Team Lead

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